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New year! New us! New website!

New year! New us! New website!

Happy new year :)

DevSpace was quiet near the end of last year due to us all being verrryyyy busy. I myself was working on the launch of Snipperclips plus and because we are a non profit, volunteer led group then it means that when I'm not around to ask people for help then we can't do much!

Look though! new website! yaaayyyyyy. So obviously the most important part is probably going to be the events page. If you are interested in running an event in the future or getting more involved with DevSpace then please do reach out to me!

Upcoming we have a code workshop! That will be led by me and will feature hot topics such as bootstrapping, tea, biscuits etc. We also have the 3rd instalment of our cinema night which has been huge funs in the past :) I will try and get something in the book for a general meet-up too.

What's else you cooking up I hear you ask! Welllll, I have been recording a pod cast for some time now with some super cool people which will go live soon. In April we will be having a huuuuge charity game jam to support women's aid where all of you can come together and work for the greater good, yayyyyyy. Starting next month will be regular live Q&A in Slack, for which we have some top cool peeps lined up.

Anyway, stay tuned and please come say hiya in slack!

- Danny