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So, hi! It's Danny, I want to propose something...

Let me begin with some quick figures!

  • £100 - Branding
  • £20 - Badges
  • £120 - 3 x DevSpace @ The Movies
  • £60 - Warm tea holder thing, tea, biscuits, cups (I stole some, they were so expensive! sorry M&S)
  • £40 - Programming Workshop
  • £180 - Website Hosting
  • £16 - Domain
  • £40 - 1 x Email account @ Devspace (this could have been cheaper, my bad)
  • £350 - Jam for change branding and artwork

I think up until today that is everything I have paid for devspace... I could be wrong! In terms of human hours you probably don't wanna know! haha. Nah it's not that bad and it's really rewarding. But so far it has cost me around a grand? That's not bad for 1 year! Which is why I am covering it and not really caring. The incurring monthly cost is around £150 right now, calculated from the above figures and guessing we'll do around 2 events a month with 1 large annual event. Also it would mean I could get 1 person an email address so they can help me (please let me know if you're keen...PLEASE).

So what am I proposing? Patreon!!! I hadn't thought of it before but I was talking to a friend about going for art council funding or government funding or some other made up fundings that I presume exist and he quite rightly said "Patreon...".

Personally I love Patreon as a service, I back a few people myself and you should check them all out! (I will list them in the comments) So I thought yeh! fuck it, that's a good idea, but first there are questions needing answered. (Thankyou Rosa!)

  • What bank account does it go into?

Final answer (for now): I'm going to go ahead and setup a bank account, I'll share the details with some trusted individuals and we will regularly show the in's and out's straight from the bank so that it's the most transparent. You can read my original answer below but feel free to now ignore it, got some good feedback :)

original old answer: For now? Probably mine, but I will talk to my accountant about this. So right now mine. Barry if you read this... comment your thoughts haha. If this happens then I will find a way of making my bank statements public in regards to anything to do with DevSpace. I will most certainly be posting monthly finance thingies.

  • Who has access to it?

Well when it is mine it will be me, when it is not mine... probably me? As I said though, I'll be very open and public.

  • Who calls the shots on where that money goes?

Really, probably me. So I started DevSpace as a small group for friends and have since seen it grow a LOT. One thing I have done which people might not know about so much is that I created a small "committee". I was very open about this and invited ANYONE to join. Going forward I am going to make this "committee" more fluid with ever changing members in and out, maybe monthly, some will want to stay on which is fine but it would be good to pass it around. Hopefully in the future I won't even have to be involved in decision making some months at all! I don't see why I would always need to be? At the beginning, I will just spread any money in to cover costs and as is the same as always, I won't do anything the current committee says is a crap idea.

  • What sort of activities does it fund?

All of our events, in future a Zine, paying for art to be made. Blue skies? I'd love it to help pay for a free work space for all of you. I've always wanted to make one but I don't want to charge and I believe it's possible!

  • Can we see month by month where that money is going and do we have a say?

YES! Hopefully this is answered above but yes I will post every single expenditure. I will create a slack channel called #finance and I will start posting ANYTHING that comes in and out and people can DM me if they find anything weird.

So that is that! You can see the Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/DevSpace

I havn't went public with it yet so it's likely to change a lot. I just realised this post is very long so I think I'll do a separate one later for January round-up and some photography from our members :)

Please do get in touch with me! There is a contact page on this site or you can get me at Danny@devspacelon.com

Pease <3

New year! New us! New website!

New year! New us! New website!